There are many keys that together make up our profits. We have been in the industry for over 10 years and the experience is truly invaluable.


Betting strategy

Management is one of the most important factors in determining profits. In investing in sports betting, management has many dimensions. Three levels can be distinguished here:

  • fund management
  • capital management
  • risk management.


Fund management is the most recent issue. We learned from setting up the fund. Long-term planning implies the development of algorithms. Our actions in this direction have confirmed that this is a good path for the future.


Capital management mainly covers the amount of investment in a single event. If the occurrence of an event is more probable, a larger sum can be allocated to it. A large part of our investments are based on low probability. In this situation, the right strategy plays an even greater role.


Risk management is a major skill in sports betting that many people are unaware of. Sports betting is a very risky market. When analyzing a single event, there are many variable factors that affect the final result in different ways. First of all, we prepare a risk management plan. It is preceded by extensive risk research related to the project / event. It is very important to identify the risk itself. Then, a risk analysis is performed based on the collected data and research. After these activities, we proceed to the implementation of the plan under control and detailed monitoring.

Our main strength and advantage are algorithms. In the fund, we work with several independent teams that provide ready-made investments. In their case, we use algorithms to evaluate the quality of the forecasts sent.


Bookmakers have a huge amount of information and good mathematical solutions. The sports betting market is similar and even better than the stock exchange. The same regularities are at work. It is the player who determines the odds through supply and demand. The bookmaker acts as a broker whose profit is the commission included in the odds (spread).


In our opinion, it is not worth playing against a bookmaker shortly after placing an offer. It is worth playing against the market, that is other players, when the market is saturated and sets a trend.


We investigated what factors and algorithms bookmakers use to determine odds and probabilities. Based on extensive knowledge of a given discipline and conducting research, you can create algorithms that are much more efficient and provide a great advantage over the market, both pre-match and during trading.

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