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We look at the world with a hungry eye. Constlantly looking for opportunities. Collect a huge commission from even greater profits. 

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Fundbeto is a leading investor on the betting market. We cooperate with the best sport experts in the world. We place great emphasis on the development of mathematical models and algorithms. 

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Our only reward for work is profit sharing. It is the most honest model of cooperation. We earn only when we deliver investments on wchich our investors earn. Currently, the profit distribution plan is as follows:

Update on 01.09.2020 from strat up 01.06.2019
  Investor Commission Fund
Share: 50 50 € 2 000 - 5 000
  60 40 € 5 001 - 10 000
  70 30 € 10 001+


The minimum amount to enter the fund is currently € 2,000.The profit distribution may change as the fund grows. You will be informed in advance and you have the right to opt out of any further investment. The minimum investment period is 1 year. 

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